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I was not aware of applying to NOW TV applying to multiple subscriptions. i do not use it and for some reason money is being taken out of my account. I would like a refund as i do not use NOW TV.  

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Re: Refund


This is a customer forum. So you’ll need to contact NOW directly. 

Ps it’s no longer called Now TV, as of last week they dropped the “TV”.


Use this link to make sure there other no other accounts with the same payment details.


Head onto live chat, by clicking “chat online”.


Re: Refund

@chanelle1   @gavs82008 for Info



Hi Chanelle


Just one other thing to add to Gavs sensible advice, if you no longer use NOW, as you indicated, you should get onto your bank and withdraw your CPA (Continuous Payment Authority) so that no more money can be accidentally taken from your account.


It's something that ex-Now TV (aka NOW) customers either fail or forget to do, and this is extremely essential in order to protect your bank account from further withdrawals.


So contact your bank asap and cancel your CPA.



UK Bob