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NowTV - New Idea - Customer Loyalty



I've had a very dissapointing conversation with NowTV online chat about a Black Friday deal (or lack of!).


It seems I'm not alone in the forum in being dissapointed that most of the offers for passes are for NEW customers and there is noting at all for any long term / loyal customers (unless you want to buy a bigger more expensive package!).


So, this Black Friday, its 50% for 12 months for Cinema pass or Entertainment pass for NEW customers, but absolutely nothing for a current customers except 'keep paying full amount'.

It's a bit of a smack in the teath, and shows no regard for any loyalty or thanks. (The only way to get the deals is to cancel my account, and re setup with a new email address and new card details - not really the best way of working!).


So come on NowTV - think about giving current customers offer, before we move to Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.


Even if its a longer term commitment rather than 30days - I'd be more than happy to pay for 12 months up front or commit to 12 months. Surely this would be worth having?






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Re: NowTV - New Idea - Customer Loyalty

I managed to get the 12 month deal on my account..  


Using the web chat facility the advisor removed my current deal  and added the 12 month deal..

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