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Now TV remote not working

Hi I had put my TV across from where I have set it up. And it's asking me to pair my remote again but my remote not allowing me to my now TV fire stick I have tried putting new battery in and still not allowing me to pair it to my TV now stick can someone please help me as it's very frustrating

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schnapps Legend 4
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Re: Now TV remote not working

Hi @Mandy39 


I am assuming you mean a nowtv stick and not a Amazon Fire stick where the nowtv remote will not control the Amazon Fire stick ?


Maybe try re pairing the nowtv smart remote with the nowtv stick by following these instructions below.


If the above doesn't work, maybe try a factory reset on the nowtv stick by holding in the reset button on the stick for 6 seconds and then setup and activate the stick again from the beginning has a fresh new install.

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