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Now TV on firestick Dolby 5.1



As I've just found out nowtv is available on firestick. 

However I've purchased the TV boost to get Dolby 5.1 but it's only transmitting in stereo.

On the now tv interface it says to press the red button for options however there isn't a red button to press. 

I'm using a firestick 2nd gen.

Does this mean it's not available or am I missing something 

Hope this makes sense



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Hi @Anonymous User 


A couple of people have reported problems with no 5.1 surround sound with a Boost Pass using a Fire Stick.


Here's one thread example here. 


I don't own a Fire Stick, but other device owners have reported different streaming rates with a Boost Pass and a loss of 5.1 surround sound.


Here's one thread below. 


The red button is a carry over from other device platforms (don't know why NowTV called it a red button for Fire TV).


If you long press the enter button on your Fire Stick remote it should bring up the red button options which from memory is a Search and TV Guide (not red button sports that some customers get confused with where the NowTV red button service is called Bonus Sports Streams and will be towards the bottom on the NowTV App home screen page if your device supports bonus streams). 

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Hi @Anonymous User 


You could try logging out of the NowTV App under My Account on the Fire Stick and sign back in.


Then follow these instructions below. 


Though because it has been reported by a few people it sounds to me that there is some sort of technical bug / glitch at NowTV's end which they need to fix.


Where you can report the problem in this link below (!ive chat would be my first point of call or send them a message via the web form on the same link). 

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thank you for that. It was glaringly obvious haha. 

Go to my account. 

Select options on TV boost and swap to surround sound


Scholar 2

Hi all,


I've been having issues for a while with NOW TV 5.1 (Surround) via Chromecast ever since I got NOW TV. It still doesn't let me select 5.1 on the Android App however since I also have a Firestick (4K) I was pleased to see NOW TV is now available. 


So I've been testing it and have found that 5.1 DOES work but keeps reverting back to 2.0 and the only way to force 5.1 is to mess about with the BOOST settings under My Account.