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Now TV not working.. at all.

What the actual hell is going on had a problem with now TV googled it and was told by nowtv to delete and reinstall the app on my 360 now its saying after I have deleted it that it is no longer available on 360 so please tell me how to solve this and I ain't wasting money on a new xbox just for now TV answers please 

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Re: Now TV not working.. at all.

Hi @Scott35

Bad news i am afraid, where i read on another thread on the forum by a NowTV Staff member that going forward NowTV will no longer be supporting the NowTV App for both the Xbox 360 or PS3 games consoles from their Apps Store.

So if you are a new NowTV member or delete the NowTV App off your Xbox 360 or PS3, then you will have know way of getting the NowTV App on these two popular devices.

I found this article in the NowTV Help Centre to back up this above disappointing news Smiley Sad

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