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No TV!

I am now onto day 3 of nothing!  I have now TV and broadband yet nothing on my TV works... no movies, no catch up, no entertainment- NOTHING. 

I have reset the box, I've reconnected the stick and have no connection!  This is a joke.  And obviously theres no one working at NOWtv to help.  I have internet on other devices but it's super slow.  I'm glad I only have 2 months left of this tosh

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Elite 3

Daft question, but can you set your mobile up as a hot spot and connect the stick to it? While I wouldn't intend you to use it to watch TV, if the stick connects and loads content, it will eliminate the stick as the issue and point to the broadband!


If it is a broadband issue, there is a phone number under "moving home" in your online account.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Anonymous User, 


Can you please let us know the version number of your app please?


You should be able to find this by going to My Account.