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Isn't it Ironic?

Every time i play a tv show and that woman's voice come on saying something like "this programme contains strong language", it makes me swear at her. Same with the football and the "industrial language". I'm sick to death of hearing it. If i was watching Scooby Doo, i would understand it. Not so much on crime documentaries. 


The football one is pretty hilarious, as 1) It's always industrial language. Ihave no idea what that even means. And 2) 99% of the time, i've not even noticed any swearing, they're drawing attention to something nobody has noticed and nobody cares less about anyway.

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Re: Isn't it Ironic?

Ironic from the album "Jagged Little Pill" Jagged Little Pill (25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) out now & includes the live acoustic performance from O2 Shep...
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