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New to Now tv. How can I  catch up on more than the last episode of programmes on ITV Hub, it only appears to have the last episode available.

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@Anonymous User


Welcome to the forum.


You'll only see the latest episode of a show on the ITV Hub app on your box. To see more episodes you need to start playing the current episode, wait until the ads have finished and the programe itself starts, then press the pause button on the remote. You will then be able to select the option to view all episodes to get to the rest of the episodes that are available.


It's annoying, but that's the way the app has been designed I'm afraid!

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@Anonymous User  Start playing an episode of the show you want to see.  After the openings ads finish and the programme starts, press pause.  You will then get the option to 'View all episodes'.  That will then take you to earlier episodes.


It is awkward and badly designed by ITV, I'm afraid.

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@Anonymous User wrote:

New to Now tv. How can I  catch up on more than the last episode of programmes on ITV Hub, it only appears to have the last episode available.

Hi @Anonymous User


You can indeed, but it's difficult to access all the episodes of a particular program that are available because of the way ITV have set up the interface in the app. Unfortunately the only way you can select a specific episode is to follow the advice below


Play the latest episode of the programme you want to watch. Watch the annoying adverts Smiley Sad after this, the episode will play if you press one of the arrow keys on the remote the playback controls should come up on this interface. There should be an option for more episodes select this and choose the episode you wish to play. 


Unfortunately only ITV can change the ridiculous interface. It's not down to NowTV. If it was down to NowTV, we would have a far better interface that's the sure



@DarylM and @Andy have beat me to see their posts above Smiley Happy



I do not work for Now . I am simply a Now customer trying to help I am a Community Contributor This means that I know a lot about the service. But just like you I am still a customer. This means I cannot help you with issues that would involve looking into your account directly. A member of the now TV forum team or live chat will need to assist you with these issues.