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I think I have been over charged



i have just just gone through all my accounts over the last 2 years and I have found that Now tv I have spent £1,052 on now tv the only subscriptions I have are tv was £7.99 now £8.99 and movies was £9.99 now £11.99. I have only just noticed that each payment for each subscription has been taken twice a month for that last 2 years. I also have random transactions on there for £14.99 and £12.99 I have done a total to see what I should have paid over the last 2 years and what I was actually charged and there is a £525 variance.


can anyone help me as Nowtv do not list a telephone contact anywhere and the Nowbot won’t give me the option to discuss refunds.



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Re: I think I have been overcharged



If Live Chat won’t listen - though they should - your best option is to raise a complaint.


Give chapter and verse, and don’t assume this is all on one account, unless you can see every penny of that £1052 (or at least all the money as far back as it goes) on My Account/Bills & payments:-


Complaint webform for TV issues:-

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Re: I think I have been over charged

@Suiter14  @RoyB 


Hi Suiter


Just wanted to add a point or two to Roy's words of wisdom:


1) Have you set up a secret PIN on your Now TV account?  


If not you may find that a "friend or family member" may be ordering extra films, etc. and paying for it by using your bank account. Therefore, if this is the case, add that secret PIN asap.


2) Is it possible that you, or someone else, has set up a second account by mistake?


Unfortunately, many Now TV members forget that they've set up a second account, usually done by chasing a limited special offer, and don't realise that unless they specifically cancel that "special offer" it will continue rolling on as a monthly subscription.


Anyway, hope my extra points helped.


UK Bob