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Freeview play

Hi all, will i be able to watch Now Tv through a new Freeview play box? If so sky entertainment package in HD (720p or 1080p). cheers 

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Community Manager

Re: Freeview play

Hi @Anonymous User,


As of right now we've no information regarding this device. We are on Youview boxes but only for movies. All content is 720p






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Re: Freeview play

Don't buy any freeview play device yet...

Demand5 Is not available to all devices and the GUI is developed per hardware maker...

Its new so has BIG issues still...


It was freely added to some panasonic HDTVs that were allready sold  but its not a stable system yet...

Third party support for it is brand new and apps still have to be confirmed...

Freeview play is a HTML5 app platform but its still a BBC and ITV regulated platform which youll have to pay to get apps released on...