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Deleted movies

Is there a way to get back movies that’s been taken off ? Or a way you can buy them to stay on permanently? 
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Re: Deleted movies

Hi @Andrew29 


What films are you thinking of or looking at to watch ?


Movies come and go on the NowTV streaming service and the length on how long they stay depends what agreement is in place with the Rights Holder to the film.


Some films stay longer than others.


A lot of movies that leave, do usually come back at some time in the future.


This link below is an excellent source of information on what movies are available on NowTV and what is their leaving date.


If you are thinking of buying a movie to keep, then there are many services out there to consider, where Sky Store is the main one that i use where i can watch my Sky Store library via my NowTV  & Roku players.

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Re: Deleted movies



Adding to what @schnapps said, I use the JustWatch app.


This covers some 33 sources of movies and TV programmes, including NowTV and the Sky Store, and tells you, for any title you put in, who has it, for what price, rental or buy, SD or HD as available.


It is particularly useful if you use other subscription services; after all, you may not want to buy a movie if you find you can just watch it on an existing Netflix or Amazon Prime subscription that you might have.

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