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Delete device

Some please help 

I have 6 devices on my account and we don’t use them anymore. I have previously added and removed devices with no problem but I can’t seem to do it now. I have tried


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Hi @Anonymous User 


The Manage Devices on your account has changed recently, where there is no option to remove devices manually by clicking on the bin icon.


Have a read of this :- 


You can have up to devices stored on your account and watch on device at a time (3 if you have NOW Boost).

If you're a BT customer, you can watch on 2 devices at once as long as one is a BT TV Box and you start streaming in the correct order. For more details, see the Streaming and devices section here. If you have Boost, you can watch on 3 devices at a time.

Once you’ve added devices up to your maximum of 6, when you start watching on a new device the one with the oldest Last used date and no downloads on it will automatically be removed to make space for it. Devices with downloads on them will be the last to be removed.

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