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Data Usage

Hi everyone, im new to Now tv, and just started watching loads of good tv shows, but are there plans for Now tv to introduce a quality control to reduce how much data i use which the likes of Netflix and Disney are doing already one tv show on there platforms uses about 800mb per hour. With the option to put up to super hd but not everyone can afford to go through that much data. now tv is using up to 3gb per hour and no option on there TV app to change this. 

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Re: Data Usage



Hey SteamRocket  (BTW, cool name)


NOW, aka Now TV, policies and future plans are a deep dark secret which they are unlikely to divulge in this customer based forum.  However, you can write directly to NOW at the following email address:-

Now TV Customer Services Email.jpg

You may not get the answer you want but at least you will get an answer.



UK Bob


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