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Customer Service - New Customer

Hi All,


As a new customer I am appalled by the shocking customer service now tv have to offer.


I originally signed up for now tv broadband on 23rd July with an activation date of 23rd August.


I am still not connected. I phone customer service initial automated voice will tell you call will be answered in under x amount of minutes needless to say that in my experience over the past few calls this is not the case  I've been told 9 minutes only to be answered in 30 minutes.


My case has been escalated to the tier 2 team who I'm not allowed to speak to but yet cant keep me up to date when they say they will. 


I've been told that my next update will be 12th september after my latest conversation.


What I'm struggling most with is how any issues with being able to provide broadband weren't resolved prior to my activation date


All in all not satisfied currently with now tv 

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