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Any word on subtitles?

According to this blog post subtitles would be coming by the end of the year. But according to this it's going to be early 2017. For how much longer is it going to get pushed back? Now TV is the only way I can watch a bunch of programs I like in the UK without Sky but I have trouble hearing so I need subtitles. Most, if not all other streaming services have had them for a while so this is a bit ridiculous.

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Re: Any word on subtitles?

Any news @Jason-C / @Andy-S ? 🙂

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Re: Any word on subtitles?

Hi @Moonsorrow@caseyb1993,


Thanks for getting in touch.


Alas, we have no further news on subtitles at this time. When we know more, we'll be sure to let people know!




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Re: Any word on subtitles?

I am very hard of hearing and need subtitles. Disappointed if I don't know what people are saying then not sure if it is worth me paying the subscription. This discriminates against the deaf and those with hearing difficulties.

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