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Account Closed and still being billed

Morning All, 


couldn't find the best place to stick this query soooo...


Anyway, cancelled my subscriptions in November as I was changing broadband provider.  Had what I assumed was a final bill of £6.00 ish and thought nothing off it until today as it seems I've been charged in increasing amounts since!


December was £12.98 and then £19.97 every month since!


Admittedly I should have checked my account before but now I have and for obvious reasons cant get hold of anyone to nag at. 


Anyone else had this?

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


When you go into My Account > Bills & Payments whilst logged in on here it should show the charges and when highlighting & clicking the charges further it should itemize the charges by clicking on any arrows to show more information on screen.


If the figures are all Broadband & Phone related and not associated with any TV passes then i don't know why you have been charged for further extra months.


Like you said they might be a possible small charge or refund when you switch provider depending on the day when the switch ties in with your final NowTV payment due date, but i wouldn't expect any further monthly payments  (i don't work for NowTV and replying back here has a customer).


If you believe the further monthly charges are wrong, then maybe send them some communication on the web form in this link page below.