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NOW you see it: We’ve given ourselves a little makeover…

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Ever looked at yourself in the mirror and thought: ‘it’s time for a change?’ Well, as of today, we’re doing the same. Say hello to our shiny new brand identity. We’re talking colour – buckets of the stuff, with a little magic thrown in. But don’t worry; the way we look may be changing, but we’ll still offer the same awesome Movies, Entertainment and Sports content.

So, how are we changing?

Well, we’ve had a bit of a personality change. That means a new logo, a new way of talking and colour. Lots of colour. Why? We think that NOW TV is fun, smart and super easy (and you’ve told us you think so too), and we want to reflect that in the way we look and sound.



Now TV Ticket.jpg


We also think that providing the TV you really want, without any of the stuff you don’t is a little bit like magic. So we’ll be showing how we’re getting rid of all the bad bits, leaving you with the best entertainment around. With NOW TV, you can get content combinations that seem scarcely possible, yet incredibly easy. Honestly, Game of Thrones and Fortitude for £7 a month? That’s pretty magical…


Blog Still.png


So, there you have it. A few changes to help us become even bigger and better. So relax, grab some popcorn and enjoy the exciting (and colourful) ride.

To see more of magic from NOW TV, you can check out one of our new ads below and you can see all our new ads here: 


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Sorry but this logo is ridiculous, especially on an iOS device. It looks like you employed a 5 year old to design a logo, I seriously hope you didn't spend any money on this rebranding.


I second the above comment. The logo looks really naff, to say Sky really have strong consumer branding this isn't up to scratch at all. Really bought into Now TV when I started subscribing 18 months ago however there has been really odd changes recently - baffling tweaks within the movies package is a major bugbear.


The new logo looks rubbish compared to the old one. Adding colour is fine, but the new blobby logo looks like it is from 20 years ago.

I also dislike the new look, my app draw looks horrific when I open it, my eye is drawn straight to the NowTV logo, I preferred it before, the colours don't contrast well either, I appreciate the thought into it but I don't really like it.

Have to agree the new app logo is appalling, especially on iOS. Thankfully for now the rebranding seems to be just the app logo, but this seems a really strange decision  and hope it's not too late for NOWTV to see the error of their ways and change it back

Legend 5
Legend 5

I doubt the logo will switch back to the Play O, although they might choose a colour scheme less in your face.

The design team have their client piece here

Logo is garish but that wouldn't bother me as long as I was able to access what I pay for right now my ps3 is stuck continuously trying to load and I'm not the only person having this problem sorting that would be preferable to a new logo

Have to agree the new logo looks awful,  personally I would shoot sack the designers and whichever idiot signed it off.


I thought the new logo was a gif transparency gone wrong... That green is absolutely hideous. Totally unnecessary to rebrand such a young service, and this is not a good evolution of the original brand.

I hate your new logo, it looks cheap and tacky. If I didn't already have now tv this would not make me get it. When I first saw it appear on my tablet I thought it was yet another kids game my nephew had downloaded. I think you need to change it back to something more professional looking like it was before.
The new logo is embarrassing. On Android, the chosen colours are bright green and blue. That doesn't say exciting, that says Ceefax. The Now is randomly blurred, making it look like a display error - are you implying the picture is going to get fuzzy?The solid O looks like an optical illusion, it draws my eye and makes the actual brand name difficult to read - ridiculous when it's only 5 letters. It doesn't suggest to anyone that it has anything to do with Sky. It also suggests a beginner developer who won't be able to build a decent service because they're still creating logos with MS Paint. If garish colours suggest easy to use and fun, Netflix, AIV, and Hulu would have been doing it already. Embarrassing.

oh what are u lot gonna do about? cancel your subscription? Its a bloody logo for god sakes, everyone of you babies will forget about this as u usually do.

classic first world problem that makes me utterly ashamed.


The logo is so bad on my Xbox One, I thought it must be a deliberate mis-colour to identify me as some kind of Beta user. 😛


I only found this page because I was trying to find out what new features were in the beta. LOL!


I have come here specially to post this as I was so appalled by this logo!


Firstly this is the most horrendous logo I have seen in my life! The logo looks cheap nasty and designed by a 5 year old in their first IT lesson using paint. Potential customers are going to look at this logo and not buy your services! A brand creates a perception about a company and a company with a really poor logo/brand will give the impression that their products are poor, nasty and their attention to details is appalling.


A shocking foul up in your marketing team! As for the bubble writing this reminds me of filling your mouth with food and drink till you cant hold anymore and then saying the word now and food and drink shooting out everywhere, hideous.


Seriously put it back to what it was or come up with something better, this will seriously damage nowtv's reputation. The person who signed off on this needs a serious disciplinery or firing.


I am certainly not going to recommend your products to anyone until your sort this out, a company who cant even get their branding right doesnt even deserve to be in business. Shocked and appalled. (note I do not work in marketing or brand design, I am Joe public)

Scholar 2

Got to agree with the other posts. The logo is garish and very ameaturish. 

it does not convey the quality of a service, it just conveys 'cheap and cheerful'.

Supermarket own brands tend to use simple, garish colour contrast like this.


Really odd decision by NowTV team when they had a perfectly adequate logo before.