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Ladies and Gentlemen! We give you…the Sky Sports Month Pass

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From today, you can treat yourself to a month of unmissable sport for just £31.99. From Football to Formula One, Netball to the NFL, there’s all sorts of sporting goodness to get your hands on. Just be ready to cancel a lot of weekend plans from now on…


After all, with a Month Pass, imagine all the action you could’ve watched this year alone. From Leicester’s incredible run of form to stay in the Premier League to the England cricket teams’ remarkable upturn in fortunes. You could have seen Harry Kane smash in about 29 Premier League goals in a month last season. Or, you could have treated yourself to three Formula One races. That’s a lot of sport.

So, what would a Month Pass get you for the next 31 days? Well, you could get the Second, Third and Fourth Tests of the Ashes series. With England enjoying a stunning win last weekend, that’s loads of opportunities to watch Alastair Cook’s men (try to) thrash the Aussies.

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In football, you could get the biggest action from the Barclays Asia Trophy and International Champions Cup, as the Premier League’s best get ready for the new season. And talking of the Premier League, there are 14 live games in August alone, with champions Chelsea in action three times. So book the sofa, turn your phone off and settle in.

Or you can catch three Formula One races a month from August, as the 2015 season looks set for another thrilling conclusion. From Spa to Singapore, there’s so much to enjoy before the end of the year.

So there you have it. More sport than you can shake a stick/bat/racquet at. So to get your hands on a Sky Sports Month Pass, just head to and click any ‘buy sports pass’ button.

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Scholar 2

An annual pass might be even better....

BUT it's still a large sub for those of us who hate football; I would love SS1 to be football (or at least Premier football) only so we could sub to everything for that £32 (drop the .99, we all see through it!) or sub to SS2/3/4/5*/F1 for a lot less (half).
(* = 5 is also mainly/wholly football, but tends not to be Premiership) I hate to think that my sub is mostly going to fund the Premiership, and it puts me off subbing to Sky/Now.


My main interest if F1 which I'd happily pay a subscription for. £32 is too steep for this purpose.

Legend 5
Legend 5



There seem to be a problem with the PNG image you are referencing.


Sky sports 5 is no longer just football... Its had Golf and WWE and many other content on it... It will show football When its on but this is not 24/7 and when its on SS5 that frees one of the other channels to show something else instead... 



What about some fishing...







This is quite expancive when you buy all the packages