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using a now tv stick without a pass


I have a Now tv stick and a box. I only intend to use them when sport I want to watch is on and currently I don't have a valid sport pass. I want to use the stick and box to make my none smart tv's smart.

However it appears that the stick will not work without a valid pass were as the box works perfectly fine on iplayer and itv catch up etc.

I was wondering if this is a characteristic of the stick or am I doing something wrong.

I could simply change them round but one of the tv's doesn't have a usb port and I prefer to leave it switched off completelly when not in use.

I would be grateful for any advice the community can offer.



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Re: using a now tv stick without a pass

Hi @pepekin

I would check your nowtv account sign in details are identical to your nowtv box, where if you can watch the free Apps such has BBC iPlayer, YouTube etc then using the same sign in details you should be able to watch these Apps on your new nowtv smart stick.

Go to My Account on here and under Devices see if both the nowtv box and nowtv stick is showing on your account device list.

Also open the NowTV App on both devices and go to My Account section towards the bottom left of your TV screens to check both sign in username or email addresses match each other.

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