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how to set up now TV stick to HDMI and USB



I have just got a now tv stick and assumed you plugged into the tv and didn't need to plug into a wall socket.  Stuck one end to HDMI and other to tv USB but nothing happening.  HELP  Thanks

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schnapps Legend 5
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Re: how to set up now TV stick to HDMI and USB

Hi @annasun 


The NowTV stick needs 5vdc at 1 A power to work, where some older televisions only provide a 5vdc 0.5 A rated USB output which wouldn't be sufficient to power the stick.


Also even older TV's that had a USB port on them was only sometimes used for software and service updates and weren't designed to power external devices.


Does a permanent white light show on the stick body when connected to your television USB port and making sure that your television is set to the correct HDMI input source ?



As a test have you tried running a temporary electrical extension lead and using the supplied power adapter that came with the stick to double check the stick works and is not faulty ?


Any practical reason why you can't plug the stick using the supplied power adapter into the same electrical mains outlet socket has your TV ?

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