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Using NOW TV stick with cinema amp

I have an old style NOW TV box which is fed into a cinema amp (rear) input. My cinema amp has a frontal USB port which I have previouslu used successfully with an iPad & PC. I would like to purchase a new NOW TV stick - would this work similarly in this port? Can anyone confirm this please.

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Re: Using NOW TV stick with cinema amp

Hi @Haligary

I believe for a USB port to power the stick sufficiently it needs to be rated at 5V 1 Amp, so if your AV Reciever USB output port can provide this amount of constant power then it should be OK.

My TV has 3 USB ports (two rated at 5V 0.5A & one rated at 5V 1A) and the only USB port that works on my TV with the stick is the 1A version. 

Otherwise if you want to use the nowtv stick you may have to use the supplied mains plug that comes with the stick.

Another thing to be aware of is if you want to take advantage of the volume adjust buttons on the nowtv remote, then both your Television and AV Reciever needs to be HDMI ARC compatible, otherwise i believe the volume button on the nowtv smart remote won't work and you will have to use your AV Reciever remote to adjust the volume when using the nowtv stick.



Re: Using NOW TV stick with cinema amp

Thanks Schnapps, appreciate the response. Thank goodness there are more technicaly minded folk out there willing to guide the mere mortals who stab at our remotes and expect our wishes to be granted!