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Stick and existing entertainment package

I'm thinking of getting the Now TV stick with the 2 month entertainment pass but I already have an Entertainment pass. Will i need to cancel my current pass or will I simply not be charged for the 2 months? 

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schnapps Legend 5
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Re: Stick and existing entertainment package

Hi @AngieTrevillion 


You can do it either way i.e. cancel first and add the 2 month voucher or leave the pass active and add the voucher.


If it was me and you want the 2 month voucher to "kick in" just before your next due payment date.


Then when you are ready to setup and activate the stick (use your existing nowtv account details) with the electronic preloaded voucher where you will be asked do you want to use the voucher straightaway or save it for later.


Click the option to start voucher straightaway (should you want the voucher to start ASAP), where the 2 month voucher will be automatically added to your entertainment pass and will start just before the next payment due date on your account.


Go to My Account > Passes & Vouchers and click on the orange drop down arrow to see if the voucher was successfully added which will also indicate the next due payment date at £7.99 on your account.


During the 2 month voucher entertainment offer you will not be charged for an entertainment pass.


If there is no sign of the voucher added, go to My Account > Passes & Vouchers whilst signed in on here to see if there is a link towards the top of the page saying " Vouchers waiting for you" with a link.


Click on the link where it should show the 2 month voucher where you can redeem and start within a 12 month period before the voucher becomes invalid.


If you don't want to continue with the entertainment service after using the 2 month voucher, then make sure you cancel before the active voucher date finishes.


When you cancel follow the steps on screen where you may be offered a discounted rentention price at a set number of months too stay using the nowtv entertainment pass.



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