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Sorry, something went wrong

I’ve had my NowTV Stick for about 3 weeks. About 2 days ago now it won’t let me watch anything on my Entertainment purchase or any of the apps including Netflix, BBCiPlayer etc. I’ve tried everything recommended on the website so far, unplugging it, doing a manual reset, a factory reset, checking on my internet connection. Nothing is working! Everytime I try to watch my programme it buffers for a minute or so then says: Sorry, something went wrong. Try again later of get Help from our site. I’ve tried to get in touch the with staff on the Get in Touch option and I never get a reply. Someone please help!!

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schnapps Legend 3
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Re: Sorry, something went wrong

Hi @Chanel2

What's the wifi signal reception like on the stick ?

You should be able to see the wifi signal strength by going into the stick menu under settings, then network, then about.

If the signal strength shows poor than try a different wifi channel on your router, another HDMI port or a fly lead HDMI extender cable to see if the wifi signal strength improves.

Should you be getting a good to excellent wifi signal from the stick, then perhaps try powering down your router for 20 minutes to see if that makes any difference.

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