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I would advice people not to get this, been having non stop issues on both the now tv sticks in my house, contacted the customer service and was told they would send me a stick and passes, then I was told I was only getting the stick, they said i would have it in a week, so about 10 days later i emailed them saying i still havent recieved it, so basically a month later I get an email asking did I recieve the stick, told them no and am told the reason is the sticks have been out of stock since the middle of July, I highly doubt that. The customer service with this company is shocking and the image quality is shocking 9 times out of 10 with great wireless strength. I would highly reccomend staying away from this company. A month passed and still customer support have not solved this issue.


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If you look at the NowTV website, you can see they are all out of Sticks.


But though there might be the odd faulty Stick, with two that behave the same, the odds of both being faulty are quite long.


What programmes are you watching when you get the shocking image quality? 


And be aware that the Stick adapts to the available internet bandwidth you have; good WiFi is important, but can’t improve things if your external speeds aren’t good.


So what speeds, up and down, are you getting?


And after measuring them, it’s worth rebooting your router, if you haven’t already, and measuring them again.


Do you have other streaming services that work OK?


And can you try NowTV on a PC, laptop or tablet, and see how that compares with the Stick?

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