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Remote only controls TV, not smart stick.

Every time I use the smartstick the remote will only control the TV on/off and volume, and not the stick. 

I have to go to the stick and press the reset button to get it to connect to the remote.

It is new, only a couple of weeks old and the batteries are good.

Any suggestions on how to stop it doing this?

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Re: Remote only controls TV, not smart stick.

Hi @IanDu 


Sounds like a WiFi connection issue between the stick and the remote, where the smart remote buttons don't seem to be communicating with the stick.


Both the TV on / off and volume adjust buttons on the smart remote works over IR.


Firstly try a re pair on the remote by following these instructions.


if no luck then maybe try a full factory reset on the stick by holding in the reset button for about 15 seconds whilst both your TV and stick is powered on.


Also try using the supplied power adapter that came with the stick if you are currently using the USB port off your TV.


If you are using a dual band router, then maybe try the stick on both 2.4ghz and 5ghz frequency and maybe try a different HDMI port (side port on TV if there is one) and keep any cables away from the stick just in case there is some sort of wifi interference between the stick and the smart remote.


Unless somebody else has any other ideas, and the remote still will not operate the stick correctly, then there is always a chance that it's faulty and both the stick and remote needs replacing under warranty.