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Remote control for Stick keeps freezing

I need to walk up to my TV and basically touch the remote to the stick to get it to work, it will work for a couple of hours then stop and I have to do the same thing. This has happened since I had the stick??

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Re: Remote control for Stick keeps freezing



Then it may be a faulty remote, or a faulty Stick, ever since you had it. Why didn’t you take it back and get it swapped?


Couple or three things you can try, though.


Have you set your remote up to work your TV? If not, do so now.


Does your remote switch your TV on and off, and work the volume, OK? If not, check the batteries, and/or try new ones.


If this works, but it still doesn’t work the Stick OK, its probably the Stick. Though it could still be the NowTV side of the remote, which works differently from the TV side.


Hold the little button on the side of the Stick in, while it is powered up, for 15-30 seconds. This will reboot it. Might fix it.


If not, download the Roku remote app, pair it with the Stick, and see if that works. If not, you likely have a faulty Stick. But if it does, you likely have a faulty remote.


Time to take/send it back where you bought it, get it exchanged. 

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