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Prompting a new code

I use a now tv stick and it froze so ive reset it but it wants me to enter a new code but i pay monthly and have already paid my subscription. I've logged on and it shows no payment info or a way to resolve this.
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schnapps Legend 5
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Re: Prompting a new code

Hi @Jodie79 


I replied back to you on your other thread.


Once you have reactivated the nowtv stick by following the link that i posted on your other thread.


Then go to the nowtv website with your internet browser (sign into your account with the details that you used to pay your monthly subscription passes) then under My Account > Passes & Vouchers then double check that your passes are showing active.


If there is no sign of your passes, then go to the Bills & Payments section of your account to see if there is any previous recent payments this month.


Should there be nothing showing, then is it possible that you have previously setup more than one account ?


Check all your email addresses for any NowTV correspondence and check all your playback devices under the NowTV App in the My Account section for clues of the email address or username used.


If you are still struggling and can't find your nowtv passes, then post back asking for further assistance.

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