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Problems with sky sports and USB stick

Hi, I've had now tv for a while and have no issues streaming anything. I still have no issues when streaming through a smart tv with the now tv app or my phone. However, the smart sticks are struggling with sky sports and watching a live premiership match is unbearable. It is only ever during live sporting events and watching the same event on my smart tv/phone in the same room is fine but the stick struggles. It is nothing to do with the internet as I am watching both devices at the same time to compare. This also happens to someone else I know. The issue is the stick. I have bought a new one and the problem is the same. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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Re: Problems with sky sports and USB stick

yes i have the same - it started suddenly , stick gets very hot. Sound goes first , then the picture . restart the stick and its ok for 5 mins . wireless all ok . works fine on lap top to tv via hdmi . have changed HDMI ports no difference. Changed the charger, charge from the TV - nothing fixes it 

It used to be ok - wonder if its incompatible software updates on the sony smart tv ? I tried a new stick - same happens. 

im now trying it on an older sony - 8 years old - and it's fine . 

wondered if switching to a box would be better - but looking at the chats not so sure . 

I dont have an answer - sorry - just the same issues . 

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