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Problems activating Now tv Smart Stick

I have received my NOW TV Stick today, halfway through setting this up when they ask to put the code to, this site is not working it keep saying ops something went wrond, tried on ipad, laptop still having the same issues, am i doing something wrong here? Any help would be great.



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Re: Problems activating Now tv Smart Stick

i have the same problem

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Re: Problems activating Now tv Smart Stick

HI @Jubuloo  @Renatouk 


I am assuming you are both UK based and not a NowTV Republic of Ireland customer where their webpage to enter the code is slightly different to us in the UK.


Try a different internet browser with the ad blocking disabled, if no luck then try your browser in either a Private Window or Incognito mode.


Also, i am assuming you are not using Vodafone for your Broadband, where apparently there is an issue at the moment between the Vodaphone IP addresses provided on their Routers and the NowTV service where the NowTV system is detecting an IP address generated from India which is blocking the use of the NowTV service (not sure if it effects the stick setup when using the six digit code from your TV screen).


I believe Vodafone and NowTV are investigating this at the moment (not sure if it has been fixed yet only logged onto the internet in last half hour and haven't had time yet to check all the posts on the forum since yesterday).



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