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Problem with remote

I am struggling with the remote control - or is it the actual NOW TV?


I am elderly and disabled with MS. I cannot access the Aps as my dexterity is poor and you get only 2 seconds before the Aps menu disappears. I struggle to control the remote so quickly.


On the very odd time I have managed it, even though I have pressed say ITV Hub, it disappears back to MyTV. 


I am well and truly frustrated and exhausted with going round in circles.


Any suggestions please before I throw in the towel so to speak, along with the NOW TV stick. It is of no use to me if I cannot control it.


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Re: Problem with remote

Hi @Willis1 


Have you tried accessing the Apps on the nowtv stick by going via the My Apps on the left hand side of the TV screen ?


If the Apps are not there which you are interested in then you need to go to App Store first to add the Apps to your My Apps section.


Also it sounds to me that something is not right with the nowtv stick, if the Apps are disappearing after about 2 secs ( if you are not pressing any buttons on the remote).


Where normally the Apps should show & remain on screen until you press either the Home button or Back button or the direct access buttons such has My TV etc on the remote.


Sorry i couldn't offer any more advice, hope you sort it out.

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Re: Problem with remote

Hi @Willis1 


There is a useful link on this thread below for a picture of the nowtv smart remote controller with a description of what each button does.


Might come in handy if you want to print it off for future reference when using the remote.