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Please help!! Oops message when setting up

I have just brought a now tv stick that comes with cinema entertainment and a day of sport 

I follow the normal set up everything was fine I put the code in and selected the passes and then signed into my account and then it showed a message saying oops something went wrong our end please refresh to continue. I refreshed just had the same message! I have spoken to the live chat about 6 times now got cut off most of the time 😡 did resets and all the other stuff the told me for it still not to work they told me to take it back and get a new one which I did this morning ( a 30 mile round trip) for it to do the exact same thing!!! Anything I need to be doing?! Or is nowtv just s**t??? I’m a new customer and so far very unimpressed 

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Re: Please help!! Oops message when setting up

Hi @Jowiltshire 


If you are having any trouble accessing your nowtv account on their website by going to My Account > Passes & Vouchers to check if the vouchers have been added to your account that came preloaded with the stick, then see if using a different internet browser with it's ad blocking software disabled or try your browser in either a Private Window or Incognito mode makes any difference.


Also if you are a UK customer make sure that you are accessing the UK website and not ROI and vice versa if you are a ROI customer.


See if this guide linked below helps in anyway. 



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Re: Please help!! Oops message when setting up

Hi - I am having exactly the same problem - did you ever get a resolution?


NowTV are not interested in helping, just tell us to reset, buy a new one, anything but actually investigate the issue

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