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NowTv Stick 1080P Streaming Date

Hi all, 

have seen it mentioned a lot recently but never had a definite answer. 

Does anybody know when the update will be for the Nowtv stick to stream in full 1080P


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Re: NowTv Stick 1080P Streaming Date

1080p is the dealbreaker for me for renewing when passes run out.

I signed up for 12 months Entertainment which is okay because of watching older type shows. I also signed up for 10 months football season sports pass and 720p is just about passable, but it's not 720p when it's starts buffering etc, I won't sign up again unless it's 1080p. You still can't beat normal Sky for live sports. I have also had movies free for 2 months from sweatcoin app and I have watched one movie and won't watch another because I can't watch modern day movies in 720p and the subtitles is pretty poor as well compared to Netflix.  I would rather wait for movies to hit Netflix in the future where you can watch them in 4k.

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