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Now tv stick not registered as working on a tv its worked on before(this morning)

I bought the stick 4 days ago and have used It with no issues until today.its always been used with the power cable but my daughter was watching youtube on it this morning no issues.weve gone out then come home and gone to switch it back on and although the white power light is on the stick and the remote works there is no response from the stick.its like its not even plugged in as my tv is showing no signal.ive also tried it on my daughters tv and its showing the same.ive tried resetting it, resetting the router,and nothing has worked.

Can anyone help as my little girl relies on it massively to calm her down(autistic and watches asmr videos on youtube).


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Re: Now tv stick not registered as working on a tv its worked on before(this morning)



Did you hold the button on the Stick in for 15-30 seconds while it was powered on, and/or have to set it up from scratch again after the reset?


If not, then you only rebooted it, probably not enough in these circumstances.


So try again if this is the case.


If still no go, as it is only four days old, it may have failed, so take it back where you bought it, receipt, remote, packaging and all, for a replacement.


They should be able to check it is indeed not working, and shows no signs of physical damage, and replace it for you.


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