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Now tv stick/Remote - It just stopped working HELP

My now tv stick just stopped working?? I have no idea how to contact customer service. I’ve changed the batteries and the stick comes on, the remote light is on. When I click buttons nothing happens though... someone help me please
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schnapps Legend 5
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Re: Now tv stick/Remote - It just stopped working HELP

Hi @BethW 


See if re pairing your remote with the stick works (see link below for instructions).


If no joy, maybe try a full factory reset on the stick, by holding in the small reset button on the stick for about 15 seconds when both the stick and television is switched on.


Also are you using the supplied power adapter that came with the stick and if not maybe try that with the stick instead of using the USB port on your television for power (just to see if the remote control responds after following the above advice).