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Now tv not working



my now tv stick is saying I’m not connect it I do the network check and it says my signal is excellent. I’ve tried all the basic suggestions- reset button on stick, unplug and plug in again, reset WiFi and reset router but nothing working. I’ve also moved it to different parts of room but no luck. Any suggestions be appreciated!

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Re: Now tv not working



You also need to sign in on the Stick with your NowTV details.


Have you done this?

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Re: Now tv not working

Hi @Manster 


See if any of these trouble shooting steps help.


If you have another TV in the house, have you tried the stick on that TV and if the stick does connect to your WiFi let it go through the setup procedure, then move the stick back to the intended TV that you want to use it on.


Also if no luck, see if temporary using your smartphone has a WiFi hotspot works in connecting to the stick, then once the stick is fully setup and updated, swap it back on your main WiFi home network.


Out of curiosity who is your ISP provider ?

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