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Now tv app and home missing


my now tv stick is missing the now tv app and also the home display. I have tried a few things already like . 

Factory reset 

turned it off and back on 

reset via button on stick 

checked for updates

downloaded the now tv app from the store again so it’s on my apps but still will not start and still no home screen 

any ideas ?? 

Also no error code 

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Re: Now tv app and home missing



NowTV have fubared it at their end. Various suggested fixes, all involving factory resets, have apparently worked for some people but not others.


How many decades ago was it drummed into me that you never release a software update just before, or during, a holiday?


But it seems every generation has to learn this anew. And at our expense.

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Re: Now tv app and home missing

Yeah seems that way . Also it’s ridiculous there’s not a phone number to call total crap think I’ll go back to downloading on the pc lol 


fixed it myself with zero help from now tv or sky 

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Re: Now tv app and home missing

I have had the same issue today, but silly me i thought maybe i'd sat on the remote and deleted apps by accident. I've re-added the mysteriously disappeared Now tv app. It wouldn't load, so i checked for updates. Installed updates, then it started up. I started watching one of the new Dads Army episodes. It was playing fine, but about halfway through the app just froze then rebooted itself. It's loaded up again now, gawwwd knows what they've done this time. Probably had Pike in the office doing work experience!





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