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Now tv 4k box no Dolby vision

Hi All,   Can anyone tell me if the new Now tv 4k box has black line's at the top and bottom when playing a film. and are there any black lines top and bottom when playing a 4k Netflix film. I have the old Smart Now Tv box and I can zoom to full screen on that, but last year tryed Netflix and was unable to zoom to full screen.       HRD in the new 4k box has only one HDR and that is HDR10. No Dolby Vison or HLG HDR or HDR10+. The big miss will be Dolby Vision, there are so many films made with dolby vision, plus Dolby Vision nocks the socks of HDR10. No Dolby Atoms too. It has to be fair 5.1 and 7.1 passthrogh.  IF I can zoom to full screen i'm off to buy one, not sure what the aspect ratio called                                   ( 16.9 Anamorphic ) actally does. Thats one of the aspect ratio setting inside the new 4k box, the other is 4.3.    Thanks BF.









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