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Now TV stick - help please!

Hi does anyone no why it keeps saying no signel on my now tv stick the normal hd port just sometimes flashes white on the stick I've tried diffrent ports and still the same tried another one just came up with the purple now tv screen then goes back to no signel? 

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Re: Now TV stick - help please!

Make sure the Stick is pushed fully home in the HDMI socket. Be firm with it.


If you are powering it from a USB port on the TV, then this may not be giving enough power, so use the supplied mains adaptor instead.


Please let us know if either of these things make a difference,

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Re: Now TV stick - help please!

Hi, I'm having the same issues with my nowtv stick. Did you finally get it sorted, if so how???
I've a very unhappy 16 year old at the mo!
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