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Now TV and TV Licence


This is a query / suggestion for anyone like me who pays for a TV licence and doesn't actually need one.

I don't use iPlayer, or any of the other similar services for itv / channel 4 etc. I only use the NowTV app, and I only ever watch either movies or box sets- I never watch the live TV channels. At home, our TV isn't connected to an aeriel. Yet, I know that if I were to cancel my licence, I would be swamped by letters and perhaps even the occasional visit.

Even if I uninstall iPlayer / the other apps from the box/stick, there is still a chance that a family member would watch a NowTV channel (even if I tell them not to!).

Is there a way you can remove access to the live tv aspect? So that if I did cancel my licence, I could honestly say that I have no way of watching TV and thus definitely do not need a licence? I assume not, but I would suggest there are many people in my position who only watch Netflix / Nowtv etc. and are paying for something they don't need. Maybe someone could pitch this idea to Sky!

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Re: Now TV and TV Licence

We’re also in this position 👍

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