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Now TV Stick



I have 2 Now TV Sticks, I seem to get an issue on the 2nd stick when I am watching something on the first one stick or through the app on my phone. The second stick will keep cutting out saying that there is no internet signal. It only does this when I am NowTV  on the app or the other stick. I have checked the internet and it is not a problem with the WiFi, is this an error with the account being played and different things being watched at the same time?

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Re: Now TV Stick

With potentially three devices in play, and NowTV only allowing two at once, the issue may be that one of the other two devices is still running, and what you see is the limit being breached.


So make sure when you have finished with any of the three devices that you come right out of NowTV on it, and don’t just switch off the TV or whatever.


See if this helps.

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Re: Now TV Stick

One thing that may be causing this is contention on your WiFi channel.  There are apps/websites that allow you to check which WiFi is using which channel. 

One solution that may help is to connect to 5Ghz channel for devices that are closest. This may require some reconfiguration of the router to separate the 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz channels.

i have done it on my virgin media super hub, but all routers differ. 


Read about it on internet. Here is a link from where I started...

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Re: Now TV Stick

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I believe I had a similar problem to the one you described, I had an android smartphone that whenever it was using my wi-fi my tablet, also android, could not log onto and use my wi-fi.  As soon as my smartphone was disconnected then my tablet would start working normally again.


Since this was an occasional problem I did not look into it any further than being mildly curious. 


UK Bob

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