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Now TV Stick blew my TV

Ordered my Now TV stick which arrived on Thurs 21/03. Plugged it into my TV, set it up and watched the final few episodes of Games of Thrones S7. I was impressed with the straming as my laptop kept buffering. Went to watch a movie after the last episode but the tv screen was black with only the sound. Went back to restart the movie but the tv turned off and wouldn't switch back on. Unplugged it and tried again, after 30mins it finally turned on again but the same thing happened agin when I tried to play the movie, black screen with sound. Pushed back to main menu but the tv switched off again and has not turned back on since. Tried a new fuse, nothing.

The stick broke my tv! suffice to say that I am not very happy or impressed at all because now I need to get my tv fixed. 

I saw from another post that this is not the first instance of a Stick causing the tv to stop working. Who do I speak to about the cost of fixing my tv?

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