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No sound


Have no sound to NowTV today but sound to normal tv ok.  Have tried everything suggested in this forum.  Is anyone else having trouble?


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Re: No sound

Hi @Salbo 


I am guessing you have tried switching the power off to both your television and stick, temporary remove the stick from its HDMI port and then hook it up again ?


Also you have tried a different HDMI port on your television and gone into the stick settings and played around with the Audio settings (starting from stereo) ?


If none of the above works then go into your TV menu settings and try playing around with the HDMI CEC or sound settings to see if that brings sound back to life on your stick.


Have you got a second television, just to temporary test the stick on to see if the sound remains off on the stick ?


Re: No sound

Thanks.  We tried on another tv and it worked so realised it was the TV set.  Reset the tv to default and it worked.  All good - thanks