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No sound when tv is on

Please help.

I have my now tv stick connected into my sound bar via HDMI, the output runs via HDMI to my tv. I have no outputs on my tv so I have to do it this way.

 When I turn it all on I get a few bursts of sound through the sound bar then nothing but I get a picture. Oddly when i was messing about with it all I found that if the tv was unplugged then the sound came through the sound bar!!

 So it seems I can have sound but no picture or have a picture but no sound.

I use a 3 way HDMI splitter(I have tried this with and without the splitter), and my fire tv box and blu Ray that I also have connected both work fine. 

 This is really annoying me as it's the only way I can connect my now tv to my sound bar and without it I'm forced to use the pitiful excuses for speakers on my telly so I just don't bother and my watch list is growing, I can't cope!!!!

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schnapps Legend 5
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Re: No sound when tv is on

Hi @Adam821 

Do you get both picture & sound from the TV inbuilt speakers if you temporarily plug the nowtv stick directly into the television HDMI port bypassing both your sound bar and HDMI splitter ?

Also are you using the supplied power adapter that comes with the stick.

If everything seems to work fine with the stick when plugged directly into your TV.

Then maybe try swapping around the stick onto your Blu Ray HDMI input port and go into the now TV stick menu settings and play around with the different variations of the sound options.

Out of curiosity what is the make and model number of your TV, sound bar and HDMI switcher you are using in your setup ?

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