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No sound via my Now TV Smart Stick

Just set up the Now TV Smart Stick. Set up was fine but there is no sound?!..

Sound is fine on normal TV just not when I'm using NOW TV. 

Any advice on why this might be happening or how to resolve it would be much appreciated.

Thank you!


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Re: No sound via my Now TV Smart Stick

Hi @Daisy21

I have noticed on the forum that one or two people who own a nowtv  smart stick have reported no sound from their stick.

Can only suggest trying the basic stuff, like plug the stick into a different HDMI port on your TV, soft reset or factory reset the stick (see help article linked below), play around with the Audio settings in the stick menu and see if there is anything on the TV sound settings that is preventing no sound.

Also would you have a second TV in the house, just to temporary see if you are getting sound on the second television from the nowtv stick ?


Re: No sound via my Now TV Smart Stick



i had the exact same problem and I solved it by turning off (disabling CEM). Go into set up, then disable CEM. On a Panasonic, you go into set up —> other —> then disable CEN

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