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No sound on Polaroid tv when using the stick

I have the now tv stick for my Polaroid tv but the volume wont work iv tried everything I could possibly think of. I have reset it from the start, taken the stick in and out, turned the tv on and off with the remote and the plug. I have played about with all the settings to see of it was anything to do with that. I'm at my wits end one minute it will work fine and the next I wont be able to use it for weeks 😭please help me. 

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Re: No sound on Polaroid tv when using the stick

Hi @Simone94 


I am assuming you mean there is no sound coming out of your Polaroid television speakers when watching anything on your nowtv stick ?


Have you tried a different HDMI input port on your television ?


Perhaps also go into the stick menu settings and play around with the stick Audio settings (start with stereo and try different combinations).


Also a bit of a long shot see if going into the Polaroid television settings and play around with the CEC option settings (see this link below how to get to the CEC settings on a Polaroid TV ignore the main topic about the article on why the television is switching it's self off on its own).


Whilst in the Polaroid television menu see if there is any options to play around with different sound settings to see if that makes any difference.


Have you got another television in the home, just to temporary test the stick on to see if the second television works with the stick including outputting sound from it ? 

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