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No sound from now tv stick on Panasonic tv

My now tv stick has no sound on my Panasonic tv. It does however work perfectly fine on my Orion tv (much older) in my bedroom. 

Any thoughts? 

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Re: No sound from now tv stick on Panasonic tv

@Derekmartin Well, it should work, it’s what I’m using at the moment. So, things to try; have you tried the stick in other ports on the tv? Have you tried another device in the hdmi port the stick is currently in? If so, any sound from that device?

if you’re using an HDMI switch, try either not using it or swapping cables. The most probable cause is that the stick isn’t being fully inserted into the port, possibly because the port is damaged in some way or just worn out. Or maybe something is getting in the way - a short M-F extension cable should help there.

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