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New TV stick not working

Unpacked new TV stick and remote, followed instructions for connecting to tv to power supply and  and putting bateries in remote. Green light flashes on remote but tv screen on HDMI1 just remains blank. Looks like it's not pairing. tried different HDMI ports and took out the soundbar connection -noting happens!

any idea? anyone? NOW tv? someone?

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Re: New TV stick not working

If you've plugged one end of the USB power cable into the Now TV Stick and switched it on at the wall using the adapter, and plugged the HDMI end into the TV, it sounds like you've either got a dodgy HDMI TV socket (test it with another device like a DVD player), the wrong channel (check it's HDMI1 instead of HDMI2 for example), or potentially a dodgy connection on the Stick (test it in another TV if possible)... 😕

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Re: New TV stick not working

I have the exact same problem, I have tried switching the power supply, disconnecting and connecting again the stick, turning off and on again the tv, reseting the stick but it still doesn’t work

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