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Re: Mini USB cable

I haven’t used the one in the box as I had an old Amazon Kindle USB cable. It works well. 🙂
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Re: Mini USB cable

Hi Andy, just to give you an update,

I fitted the new Now stick today and I’m impressed with the speed of it compared to my Roku stick .

The USB cable I had with the Roku fits the Now stick so I have it connected with an out of sight short cable so I’m happy about that.

The only puzzling thing though is My Roku specs say connected with a Mini USB cable and the

Now stick says connected with a Micro USB cable but as I say the one cable fits both so I don’t 

know if the cable is classed as Mini or Micro , I would guess it’s more classed as a Micro as the end of the fitting is very small and would be surprised if you could get them any smaller.

Anyway I’m up and running and so far very pleased with it ,

Andy Legend 5
Legend 5

Re: Mini USB cable

@MJG1 That's great, thanks for letting me know. Just for your own interest there's a diagram here if you want to see the difference between the mini- and micro-USB connections, but great to hear your old Roku stick was a micro- as well so you can use the shorter cable, the one provided with the NOW TV stick is a bit of a monster but I suppose it's handy for those using the power adapter to make sure it reaches the socket. 



 Anyway hope you enjoy the new stick!



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Re: Mini USB cable

Andy, Many thanks for the diagram. I can now see  what the difference is between the different cables.

I did not know this before 



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Re: Mini USB cable

Hi. No issues at all using that usb cable from fire stick.