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Maximum registered devices

Hi, hopefully someone can help, I am not able to watch any now TV on any devices in my house weirdly, I have only two on my account but it’s saying I’ve exceeded my allowance until next month, very annoying, not sure how to fix this? 

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Re: Maximum registered devices

I have the same problem, turns out you can only make 1 change a month and have 4 devices.  A real bummer when the kids want to use different chrome casts in another room... I’ve just been trying to move it back to a previous device and it’s now locked me out... so now the family can only watch around an iPhone or an iPad all day Boxing Day until the 1st of Jan... really disappointing and such a terrible service since I’ve tried to get in touch with these guys to resolve the issue on Twitter, live chat and now looking through to complaints procedure. There’s not enough of a warning about this on the site and the service is clearly anything but "Now"... really unhappy...

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