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Kids on now tv stick

Originally I have been using now tv via my PlayStation 4 and/ipad


but I cant watch anything if my daughter is watching so invested in the stick so she can have access at the same time and in a different room (yes I know I’m terrible but sometimes you need your own space) 


anyway the thing that is really annoying me at the moment is...

in the past when I’ve been doing  housework, and wanted my daughter from under my feet. She could watch NOW TV kids on the PlayStation four and I could be left to do I need to do, and it wouldn’t just stop playing it would continue with the next next episode for however long I needed.

 But now with the NOW TV stick, she screams for me every 5/10mins(depending on the cartoon length) because it constantly goes back to the menu after just two episodes, which are very short, why doesn’t it continue playing like it does on the PlayStation. 

Is there anyway To stop this from happening?


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Re: Kids on now tv stick

Only advice I can give you is go back to PS4 for NOW TV because I’ve used Stick and it’s slow at loading anything so I’ve gone for Chromecast Ultra
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